An Elephant’s Last Goodbye

An elephant’s last goodbye is something to never forget. Goodbyes are difficult, often painfully sad…and when elephants say goodbye it is no different if even more emotionally profound. Elephants have funerals and if you don’t believe us look at the photos. We watched as Kenyorra (the well known tuskless matriarch of Siana) led her family […]

Elephant Antics – Olomunyak The Tuskless Bull!

One of our very special ele-friends in Siana is Olomunyak, who is a young tuskless bull elephant in his mid-twenties. Tuskless elephants are notoriously defensive and Olomunyak definitely does not disappoint in this regard! Often as soon as we are within a few hundred metres of Kenyorra’s herd, Olomunyak charges out of the bush and […]