Hope For Stronger Protection Of African Elephants At CITES

By Gini Cowell In the months leading up to every CITES conference there is usually mounting pressure from conservationists, activists, officials and individuals to implement a full ban on trade in products of species at threat of exploitation and destruction. This year it is the same. Kenya is one of the countries actively leading the […]

Elephant Aware December 2018 Operational Report

The month of December began with busy ranger patrols. The rangers mostly patrol on foot with vehicle support. This allows them to access key wildlife areas which are inaccessible by vehicle. Our team cover a large area everyday as part of our daily work and efforts to protect wildlife. The photo below was taken recently […]

Elephant Aware November 2018 Operational Report

November started out as a very dry month following previous months of drought which has taken its toll on the area. This has forced wildlife and especially species like elephants to venture into community settlements in search of water. Lovely Nosentui and her herd seen on our patrol recently! She is one of many individual […]

Elephant Aware October 2018 Operational Report

The month of October began with the celebration of World Habitat Day. All of us at Elephant Aware feel there is a particular need to highlight how important wild habitats and wild ecosystems are for many reasons but especially because they are depended upon for the survival of many wildlife and birdlife species. Habitat protection […]

Elephant Aware August 2018 Operational Report

At the beginning of August the area had become quite dry and many of the water sources no longer had any water for wildlife. Because of this, Human-Elephant-Conflict has also been on the rise as wildlife, livestock and people compete for natural resources on the same land. Our team were delighted to see a number […]

Elephant Aware July 2018 Operational Report

The month of July started off with our usual routine of monitoring the various different elephant herds in the area at the time. The rangers of Elephant Aware cover many kilometres on their daily foot patrols through vastly different terrains, from riverine woodland, open plains, to the top of some very big hill ranges. On […]

Elephant Aware June 2018 Operational Report

In the month of June there was a lot of elephant activity in the area which kept our team very busy. Aside from seeing a lot of interesting elephant behaviour, the Elephant Aware ranger team also averted numerous Human-Elephant-Conflict (HEC) incidents. On the 4th of June two elephants who had been monitored with the help […]

Elephant Aware May 2018 Operational Report

The month of May has been busy for our team at Elephant Aware. In the area where we work people and elephants are close neighbours and encounters between the two are a daily occurrence. Quite often these encounters can result in Human-Elephant-Conflict and the rangers of Elephant Aware frequently act as the ‘thin-green-line’ trying constantly to […]