Siriwe’s Keeper

I don’t think there are many wildlife rangers out there who look after a sub-adult Eland when they are not watching over wild elephants. My name is Ntaiya and I am an Elephant Aware ranger but I am also Siriwe’s keeper. Let me tell you a little bit about her… The Common Eland (Tragelaphus oryx) […]

Voice From The Field – By Ranger Siranka

We have been kept very busy lately keeping up with elephants! There is a large aggregation that my unit and myself are monitoring constantly and we have to keep on our toes to do so. Ranger Leposa has been away from work for a while as he has had many problems with his cattle because […]

Now, Lets Ban The Ivory Trade Completely

There have been recent events amidst the battle to rescue the African Elephant from their plight that could be labeled as triumphs. Richard Leakey has returned to the forefront of elephant conservation and considering his previous success in bringing the elephant poaching in Kenya to a halt in the late 1980s, this gives great hope […]

Interview With An Elephant Ranger

Elephants are being killed in outrageous numbers that their entire population in Africa cannot statistically nor biologically sustain. The elephants will all be killed in less than 10 years if the ivory trade does not come to a complete halt, there is a surprising lack of foresight from China considering that the object they are […]

Elephant Antics – Olomunyak The Tuskless Bull!

One of our very special ele-friends in Siana is Olomunyak, who is a young tuskless bull elephant in his mid-twenties. Tuskless elephants are notoriously defensive and Olomunyak definitely does not disappoint in this regard! Often as soon as we are within a few hundred metres of Kenyorra’s herd, Olomunyak charges out of the bush and […]